Terra Nova Trading History

Terra Nova’s origins began in 1992, out of a small Oakland California office. At the time, there were only two large corporations that dominated the California almond industry.  As more independent packers wanted to bypass the larger packer and start exporting almonds on their own, Terra Nova’s first role was to help guide them into the global trade market for almonds.

As the almond industry grew, so did Terra Nova.  As we had gained trust with buyers globally through many years of expert guidance, many asked us to help them source other California tree nuts: pistachios and walnuts.

As our business grew, we knew we needed to open offices globally to be able to serve our customers’ needs.  We opened up our first satellite office in Taipei Taiwan in July 2016, followed by our Berlin Germany office a couple of months after.

As many customers enjoyed working with us in tree nuts, many of those same customers asked us to look into trading cashews as well and to help them source cashews from a reliable trading partner.  With a lot of thought and careful consideration, we opened up our Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam office in January 2018 to trade cashews.

Terra Nova has had a strong commitment to supporting others within the industry from the beginning. To this day, we continue to focus our efforts on aiding the success of our valued customers.